Project     :500W large  space lighting
Place        :Mineral  Storage Yard of Tianjin Port Nan Jiang mineral&logistics Co.,Ltd

Project     :500W large  space lighting

Place        :Mineral  Storage Yard of Tianjin Port Nan Jiang mineral&logistics Co.,Ltd

Basic Info:

450000 m2  storage yard, including Tianjin Port, Tianjin lingang industrial area, Tianjin  nan gang industrial area,Huanghua port area,Caofeidian port area, Qinhuangdao  port area and nearby areas

Product :

Item:LED large space lighting(500W)

Model :WRDKW3-P504

Power: 500W


Manufacturer :Wenrun Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

Technical  Standard :Enterprise Standard/European Union CE


Places: Ports, docks, squares, high-way  service area, etc.

Environmental  humidity:0-95%;

Environmental  temperature:-20℃-60℃(±20℃);


Power  parameters   :



Power factor:≥0.95  

Optical  Parameters:  

Luminous Flux:≥45000LM  


IP rating:IP66

Gate of opening up of Tianjin Binhai New Area

Core carrier to construct the international shipping center and logistics center in northern China

Tianjin Port locates at the cross point of Beijing-Tianjin city band and Bohai Rim economic circle. It is the sea gate of Beijing, the important international trade port in northern China and the link to connect Northeast Asia and Central and West Asia. Tianjin Port is the highest grade artificial port in the world. At present, the water depth of the main navigation channel is -21.0m, which is available for ship of 300,000 tons to enter and leave port with high tide.

Tianjin Port is the largest comprehensive port in northern China with water and land area of 336 square kilometers and land area of 131 square kilometers. There are totally 159 various berths in Tianjin Port, including 102 berths over 10,000 tons. In 2012, the cargo throughput of Tianjin Port was 477 million tons, ranked No 4 in the world; container throughput was 12.3 million twenty equivalent units (TEU), ranked No 11 in the world.

East Port:

The largest bonded port area in China

The bonded port area with the highest opening extent and the most favorable policies in China

The most outstanding regional advantage

The most convenient traffic conditions

The most complete function configuration

The most efficient customs clearance procedure